Grief, Trains and Transitions

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted here. A lot has been going on and for once in my life, I just haven’t had the words to express exactly how deep the changes in my life have been. In September of last year, my Father passed away. Just typing this sentence feels so surreal, almost […]

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Hi, My Name is Ethel

Every time I saw the other kids high fiving in the morning hallways, I just didn’t share in their excitement about having a substitute teacher that day. They thought about having an easy day with no homework and probably a movie. All I could think about was the attendance roll call. “Ethel Baldridge?” All the […]

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Are My Kids Actually Regressing Right Now?

Have you found your kids following you around a little more lately? And not just because you actually have no place to go, they just need to be with you every. single. second? Have the nightly tuck-ins become longer and longer? Did someone cry over the last pack of ramen? (Ok, maybe that was me…) […]

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